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10 Steps to Buying a Property

Let’s highlight the 10 steps our team will walk with you through in buying a home:

1. LOAN PRE-QUALIFICATION: Before we begin looking at potential homes, it is important that you contact a competent Lender to see how much home you will qualify for, and to make sure that your credit is acceptable for a home purchase – requirements are changing daily. We can connect you with lenders we have had good experiences with and walk through this pre-qualification process.

2. LET’S PUT TOGETHER YOUR WISH LIST! Then we meet with you to discuss your wants and needs in a home, understand your projected time frame in purchasing, logistics if you have a home that needs to be sold, and understanding Buyer Agency and all of its benefits. Remember, Realtor services are almost always free to you, the Buyer, as the Colorado Real Estate contract stipulates the seller pays for the buyer’s Realtor fees.

3. SHOPPING FOR YOUR HOME: Our team then prepares a comprehensive computer search based on your specific criteria. We review every property to ensure you are receiving the best listings available. Many times real estate web sites are outdated with information, particularly in Colorado Springs hot real estate market. So, waiting for New Listings to pop up on those sites means the house you are looking for likely is already under contract or will have multiple offers. We will show you available homes, and help you narrow down the neighborhoods you want to live in. If we can’t find the right home with will get creative! Remax agents sell approximately 30% of one another’s listings, and we each have extensive networks in the community.

4. WE FOUND THE ONE, LET’S MAKE AN OFFER! Once we find the property you want to make an offer on, we will walk with you through the process of writing an offer (contract). This will include our doing a thorough Market Analysis of other homes sold in the area to make sure value in the home is reasonable. Tyra Sandoval is a certified Negotiation Expert and will call other Agent to pre-negotiate, obtain disclosures or other necessary information, and thoroughly discuss all paperwork, possible offer, and pricing strategy based on professional judgment and market. Each property is different, but it is our practice to thoroughly research the property, so you have as much information as possible before making an offer or going under contract. We will work on your behalf by pulling tax records, reports, zoning maps, verifying the legal property description, liens, ensuring improvements to the property were inspected, obtaining disclosures, etc.

5. Congratulations You Are Contracted To Buy A House! We will deliver your earnest money and contract to your Lender and Title Company to set the closing process in motion. Many professionals need to be coordinated in a short time, and contracted dates monitored to ensure we stay in compliance, and we are ready to handle this for you! We will set up a time for inspections, review and track all contract dates; help with insurance (as needed); resolve any title disputes and matters of HOAs, verify that permits were pulled correctly on any upgrades, coordinate closing time and any special items needed.

6. HOME INSPECTION: At this point we will set and coordinate times with all parties to do your home inspections, meet with Inspector, review their report, search for repair estimates, and negotiate with Seller on any inspection objections. If additional information is needed, we have a network of contractors who can provide insight and bids for repaid. Prior to closing, we verify that all items have been completed and the home is in the agreed condition

7. THE APPRAISAL : The bank will assign an independent appraiser to appraise the property. We will coordinate this for you, and with the sellers and their agent. In preparation, Tyra Sandoval team will do a current market analysis and we will discuss the appraisal results with you. We are experienced working with VA loans requirements, and we will partner with the lender and appraiser to complete these additional requirements on your behalf, keeping you informed along the way.

8. LENDER: Ever important is to ensure the money arrives at closing! Throughout the process, we will continue to work with your lender and ensure that all documents needed to finance the loan are moving forward and the scheduled closing date will be met.

9. THE CLOSING: There is a great flurry of activity in our office in the days prior to closing day, because we want it to be a smooth and enjoyable day for you! We will do a final walk through, calculate the approximate amount you will need to bring to closing, confirm dates, mail outs, and POAs with our Closer. We verify property insurance, possession, financing details, and make sure Closer has all paperwork. I will verify closing figures. You will bring a Cashier’s Check. We will have a good time!

10. AFTER CLOSING: Our office will scan and store your file, make sure that the real estate sign and lock box are removed, and make sure that you have a copy of the HUD-1 (closing document) for next year’s tax return. Congratulations! Wasn’t that EASY?

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