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Historic: It's hard to resist the charm of a well-maintained historic neighborhood. The unique architecture of historic homes may capture your heart. The mature trees and landscaping offers four-season wonder.

In COS, many historic neighborhoods have enjoyed some of the greatest appreciation and are in high demand.


Luxury: Luxury homes in Colorado Springs are typically concentrated within a few critical areas in the Broadmoor (to the south) and the northeastern neighborhoods of Colorado Springs and Monument. If you need help finding a luxury home, please reach out to us. Tyra Sandoval is a certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and lives in the Broadmoor area.


New Construction: Boasting community amenities, often flat building lots, lush lawns and mountain views, new construction in Colorado Springs is popular with families, empty-nesters and others looking for one-level living, low-maintenance yards, energy-efficient upgrades and more.


Mountain Recreational: Location, Location, Location! The west and southwest sides of COS, up against the mountains, boasts many neighborhoods convenient to year-round outdoor recreation, wildlife and a uniquely “mountain” landscape. Much of the luxury real estate is located in these areas, and price per square foot is generally higher for the convenience of this location.


Extended Amenities: Golf Courses, Fitness Centers, Tennis and Pickleball Courts, Walking Trails, Sidewalks, Parks, Water parks and community programming (summer concerts, organized picnics, organized social activities, etc.)

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People often ask us, "Where is the best neighborhood to live in Colorado Springs?"

That really depends on what you are looking for in a home. Would you rather live near the mountains within walking distance of your favorite hikes, or have a lush lawn of green grass and breath-taking mountain views? If you have children, where will they go to school? Colorado Springs offers “School of Choice,” so your children can attend the neighborhood school, a charter school, homeschool, private school, an outdoor school or another school across town that is a good fit for their learning style. Do you enjoy the benefits of a HOA, or is the freedom to do what you want with your land your priority? We can't choose the neighborhood for you, but we can help you narrow it down and are always thrilled to drive you on a neighborhood tour!

Below we have highlighted some of the most popular neighborhoods we have sold homes within over the last several years. We also know of many more pocket neighborhoods we can show you, depending on the attributes you are looking for and you can reference the neighborhood map on this page as well.

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