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Schools Guide

Schools Guide

Our team has had children attend public, private, charter and homeschool. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Public School Districts:
Academy School District 20
Cheyenne Mountain District 12
Lewis Palmer District 38
Falcon School District 49
District 11 Schools
Manitou Springs District 14
Woodland Park District RE 2
Private Schools in Colorado Springs:
Colorado Springs Christian Schools
Evangelical Christian Academy
Fountain Valley School
St. Mary’s Catholic School
St. Paul Catholic School
The Colorado Springs School
(Not A Complete List)
Charter Schools:
The Classical Academy
Rocky Mountain Classical Academy
James Irwin Charter Schools
(Not a complete list, as charter schools are opening regularly)

Homeschool Resources: (Most local districts also offer Homeschool Resources, and with school of choice in Colorado, you can register your student with a district other than the one you live in. Your homeschoolers can also participate in sports and activities through public school districts!)

Colorado Christian Home Educators
High Country Home Educators
DOD Starbase (Peterson AFB)
Classical Conversations in Colorado
The Classical Academy College Pathways and Cottage School:
School District Map

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