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When Should I Sell?

When Should I Sell?

Typically, the Spring and Summer have been regarded as the best time to list your home in COS. The tremendous number of military in our community begin the relocation process in the Spring through the summer, as well as families who want to be settled into new school systems for the August school start. 

Homes have historically sold for more in this time, and beautiful curb appeal is easiest to achieve when yards and trees are green, and flowers are plentiful.

However, many factors have combined in the COS market, and 1st quarter 2021 is predicted to be a strong real estate market that will rival a normal spring and summer market.

Here are a few factors we are currently reviewing:

  1. Inventory: Our real estate inventory is at historic lows, and at this time, and every property priced appropriately for the market is selling quickly. 
  2. Appreciation: In markets with tight inventory and increasing population, appreciation values increase rapidly. No one can predict how long this will last, but now is a great time to realize equity that has accumulated in your property.
  3. COS is popular; living in Colorado is popular! With increased exposure and year-after-year top 10 places to live rankings by well-known magazines (see our In The News! Section), population is booming in COS.
  4. COS is more reasonably priced than DEN (and suburbs). Buyers can get more home and land for their dollar, with less population density, less congestion, etc. Those moving to the state looking for a good investment are increasingly turning to COS to buy. Additionally, we are now within the finish line for the i-25 expansion to three lanes between COS and DEN, and increasingly commuters are choosing COS because of the quality of life, proximity to the outdoors, etc.
  5. COVID-19 has brought buyers to Colorado from urban dense areas so they can enjoy the outdoors with their family, increase square footage, increase the number of working spaces in their home, etc. Frankly, many are in the previously unthinkable position of being able to say, “I can work anywhere, why not live in a place I love!”

Most importantly though, is to factor in your personal goals. Is this the right time for you to make a move? Are you needing to combine households to take care of an elderly relative? Do you need more space with everyone working and schooling from home? Are you craving a more walkable neighborhood, or access to parks and open spaces? Are you ready to downsize? These are all reasons our clients are selling right now, and they are great reasons! 

We have been meeting with many curious clients to share the current statistics, and perform a customized market analysis to determine the value of your home, appreciation of your neighborhood, etc. These tools can be helpful to determine if this is the right time for you to sell.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to explore selling your home!

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