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Alicia was truly dedicated to service and she was an advocate. She was a major player and conduit to perhaps one of the most phenomenal real estate deals in any market–much less this very very tough one. She teamed seamlessly with my mortgage lender (which was key) and submitted assertively and wrote multiple offers in a market that is not for the meager or the timid. She reached out to other agents proactively. The outcome of our very trying search for my first time home–in which she was a very concrete part–was nothing short of a miracle. It is a testimony to the IMPOSSIBLE being made not only POSSIBLE–but REALITY. Alicia is very good at what she does. She has striven to accumulate the wisdom and knowledge regarding the local market in which she operates. She uses her resources and offers them freely. She has my respect and my trust. I would recommend her as a solid and knowledgeable professional. Her efforts were from a passion for real estate and a heart for her client, her friend, and –as she likes to put it– her “family.”

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